NZ CH Charizelle Iceblock With Beauvest (IMP NZ)


Whelped: November 6th 2010

BEAR bilateral, PLL Clear by Parentage, Clear For SCA & LOA

Ice came to us from Mrs Giselle Fletcher (Charizelle Kennels) in New Zealand. His breeding is full of some of the most sort after lines throughout the UK. He’s been shown in New Zealand receiving his Championship status and we have also showed him over here. Since arriving here in Australia he has discovered hunting and finds this far more enjoyable than the show ring. Ice has a lovely placid temperament and would have to be one of the best natured dogs we have ever owned.

Ice has a beautiful ‘pure white’ harsh rough coat. Alert sparkling expression with the darkest deep set almond shaped eyes and with ears set on well. Lovely overall outline correct for size standing at 14½ inches with correct scissor bite, good reach of neck, clean muscular shoulders down to plenty of bone and tight feet. He is easy to span with a good harsh rough coat and a loose pelt, with lovely movement good hind angulations and well-muscled. He holds his tail well and has a free flowing active workman like action.

NZ CH Charizelle Iceblock With Beauvest (IMP NZ)

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Sire: NZ. CH. Rymshott Rooster At Charizelle Sire: Rymshott Strider


Dam: Rymshott Lite Foot

Sire: Ratscallion How Dare Yer
Dam: UK. CH. Howlbeck Tagzy

Sire: UK. CH. Howlbeck Rymshott Able Lad
Dam: UK. CH. Howlbeck Tagzy

Dam: Dam: NZ. CH. Charizelle Society Belle Of Huntersfarm Sire: NZ. CH. STH. AF. CH. ZIM. CH. Labrie Toastmaster Of Charizelle

Dam: NZ. CH. STH. AF. CH. ZIM. CH. Charizelle Society Rascal

Sire: STH. AF. CH. Hoelio Danny
Dam: STH. AF. CH. Hoelio Camilla

Sire: NZ. CH. STH. AF. CH. ZIM. CH. Howlbeck Rough N Ready At Charizelle
Dam: NZ. CH. UK. CH. ZIM. CH. Howelbeck Society Gril At Charizelle