Welcome to Howlincreek Terriers

Welcome to Howlincreek Terriers where we endeavour to breed the best “True To Type” Parson Russell Terrier, using imported bloodlines going back to the original type bred by Reverend John Russell himself. We have been involved with Parsons for over 40 years back when people just called them leggy jacks. It is entirely fitting that this fine old breed should be preserved in its original form as one of the very best working terriers, as a natural show dog of extraordinary quality and as an ideal rural companion.

Parsons would have to be one of the most versatile breeds of the dog world. They are happy to work all day then curl up with you in front of the fire or TV at night. They truly become part of your family as they want to be with you every moment of the day. We have owned some of the early known names of working Parsons in Australia such as, Kapaldo, Swampfox, Foxalla & Foxmoor.

The prefix “Howlincreek” came about by putting our property name and the name of where we live in the Yarra Valley, Victoria together to come up with “Howlincreek Terriers”.