Howlincreek Ice Noddy


Whelped: 15 March 2018

BAER Bilateral tested, PLL, SCA & LOA Clear By Parentage

Archie has some of the most sort after bloodlines running though his pedigree – Rymshott, Howlbeck, Panther Creek, Brillwood and Cornrow bloodlines – some very good proven lines behind this boy.

Archie is a lightly broken coated tan and white dog, he is beautifully well balanced and has good overall construction with a strong muzzle, very dark deep-set almond shaped eyes with a keen expression. He has a correct scissor bite, good ear set, good tight feet, muscular neck of good length gradually widening to shoulders that are well-laid back. Structurally well put together dog with plenty of bone. He has a correct top line, standing at 14 ½ inches and is well angulated. He is very span-able, and has a lightly broken coat with a dense loose pelt. He is a real workman like type terrier with a great temperament. Archie has not been shown at the moment.

Pedigree of Howlincreek Ice Noddy ” Archie”

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Sire: NZ. CH. Charizelle Iceblock with Beauvest

Sire: NZ. CH. Rymshott Rooster At Charizelle


Dam: NZ.CH.Charizelle Society Belle Of Huntersfarm (NZL)

Sire: Rymshott Strider (UK)
Dam: Rymshott Lite-Foot (UK)

Sire: NZ. CH. STH. AF. CH. ZIM. CH. Labrie Toastmaster of Charizelle (ZAF)
Dam: NZ.CH.STH.AF.CH,ZIM.CH.Charizelle Society Rascal (NZL)

Dam: Bidgeeparson Tikka

Sire: Aust.CH.Rymshott Crackin (IMP UK)

Dam: Missigai Piatti Pova

Sire:  UK.CH. Rymshott Tactic (UK)
Dam: UK.CH. Hoolmark Tidy (UK)

Sire: SZE.CH.CH. Panther Creek Pinto (IMP CZH)
Dam: CH. Alabama Alice Z Jerene (IMP CZE)